Re-up your membership!

Just a heads up to everyone that we are looking to update the email list to reflect our 2015 membership at the end of the month. If you haven’t re-upped your dues and want to remain on the list, please bring in a membership form at the next meeting (the 22nd), or contact to get signed up again. Thanks!

Buying bees in 2015

It’s time to order bees! We have the following sources and options to choose from:
Item 1 — Charles Schaffer packages:
  • 3 lb. packages. Heitkam Honey Bees.  (no 4 lb)
  • First generation Sue Colby queens from breeders in California (Heitkam Honey Bees)
  • Carniolans unless Italians on request.
  • Marked queens
  • Available approximately 3rd week in April.
  • Delivered to Wenatchee
  • Price is $100 for 3 albs
  • Orders must be in by middle of March. Checks made out to NCWBA

Item 2 — Charles Schaffer nucs:

  • Nucs are 2 five frame Medium boxes for a total of 10 medium frames.
  • Available end of May or first week of June.
  • Price $130 plus $20 refundable deposit for the nuc box
  • Orders must be in by middle of March. Checks made out to NCWBA
  • Delivered to Wenatchee

Item 3 — Charles Schaffer extra queens:

  • Price is $30.
  • Same specs as the packages above
  • Orders must be in by middle of March. Checks made out to NCWBA
  • Delivered to Wenatchee

Item 4 — Sunrise Honey nucs:

  • Carniolan or Carniaolan Italian cross
  • 5 deep frames
  • new marked queen in cage
  • cardboard nuc box
  • Available mid April
  • Price $110 no deposit
  • Extra queens $30
  • Orders must be in by middle of March. Checks made out to NCWBA
  • Pick up in Yakima or Spokane (a club member may be making the pickup for everyone)

Item 5 — Ruben Klimok Outdoorbee nuts:

  • Queens grafted from WSU breeder stock.
  • Marked queens.
  • Carniolan or Italian
  • 5 frame established with laying queen in cardboard nuc box. Queen laying for 3 weeks then evaluated.
  • Available mid to end of April.
  • Price $130
  • Orders must be in by middle of March. Checks made out to NCWBA
  • If 30 or more orders will deliver to Wenatchee, otherwise Spokane. Someone from the club may make the pickup if there is sufficient interest.

For more information, please contact the package coordinators for the North Central Washington Beekeepers Association below:

Al Zalewski in Manson, (425) 238-5194,
Tim Bovee in Wenatchee, (509) 421-8802.

Beekeeping class scheduled for 2015

I will be teaching the Washington State Beekeepers Association Master Beekeeper Apprentice level class again this year. It is an excellent introduction to beekeeping, a great way to get connected with other beginning beekeepers, and a wonderful way to carve out some time to think bees for a little while. The class will be held from 9am-1pm on March 7, 21, and 28 (Saturdays) in Leavenworth at the PUD (building behind the fire station on Chumstick Highway).

The class will involve some lecture, discussion, some show-and-tell, and an apiary visit on the last day if the weather is warm enough to look in some hives. There is a 100 question True/False open-book test to get your apprentice certificate. Class size is 20, cost is $15 for the WA State Beekeepers Association certificate and patch. Class is limited to members of the NCWBA, but we are happily accepting new members now at the beginning of bee season. There should be an opportunity to purchase bees at the first class, so this could be a one-stop-shop for bees and education at the start of your bee season!

Please contact Kris Crilly ( to get signed up.


Jan 2015 BizEd meeting minutes

NCWBA Annual Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2015

Chelan PUD Auditorium in Wenatchee, 5pm

In Attendance: Amy, Steve, Al, Jeff, Catrina & Bryan, Wayne, Janis, Alice, Dan & Becky, Russ, Amilka, Kelly & Jenna, James, Todd, Tandi & Jerry, Mike & Kari, Craig, Dennis, Stan

UPCOMING DATES: BEE MTG. February 22 @ 5PM (PUD BLDG) Snacks-Stan & Jane

BEE CHAT February 12 @ 6PM (El Agave)

Old Business- Jan. 7th Daryn, Kriss, & Steve went to Wenatchee City Council mtg. and gave them an ordinance to look at for Beekeeping in the city limits of Wenatchee

Steve passed around 2 hats with our logo on them, the group chose to have NCWBA on front and back of hat.

Time to register hives-State Law-link will be posted on website.

Important News: Wayne Rainey is our new Vice President—congratulations!!!

Amy Cummings is willing to stay on as secretary, but if anyone is able to back up for when she is unable to make meetings, please let her know.

New Business:

Earth Day in Chelan April 18th *Let Steve know if you are able to help with booth

WSBA Apprentice Class Marc 7, 21, & 28 $15 to sign up—talk to Steve

Journeyman Class in the planning stages—let Steve know if you are interested.

There is a Grower in the area that has been in contact with our club about providing support.

Ideas for how we would use extra donations: Event, Scholarships, Classes/Education, Horticultural Fair, FFA, National Honeybee day in August (on the 22nd)

Time to Start thinking about ordering bees…Al is in charge of ordering, details will be posted soon when they are hashed out.

The group decided that we would like to see the following in 2015:

Group Clean Out, Apiary Visits, Demo’s, Show & Tell, Summertime Potluck.

Emilka and Jessica have offered to organize these sorts of activities on a monthly (or more frequent) basis during the season.