Mead making workshop

Mark your calendars for the NCWBA’s first mead making class! Jeff Hampton has offered to run a mead making class for us on Saturday afternoon/evening, November 15th. We will be meeting at Tierra Learning Center, 5mi north of Leavenworth, to use their beautiful facility and kitchen. Jeff will be making a few different batches of mead and handing out some recipes. If you would like cook along side, we will have some kits available for purchase that will make a 1 gallon batch. Kits should have everything you need to make a batch of mead, except for the honey, so be sure to either bring some with you (about 1-2 qt of honey per gallon of mead). For those that don’t have enough honey, we can try to connect those with extra to those who need it. We are also looking to have a variety of meads to taste (commercial and homemade). More details to follow as we nail down the per-head and per-kit costs along with the timing.

If you are interested, please let us know! We will probably have a pre-enrollment deal so that we can make sure to have enough supplies and mead for everyone to get involved.

October 26th meeting

Just a reminder and heads up for everyone that our next monthly business and education meeting is on October 26th at 5pm at the Wenatchee PUD auditorium (Wenatchee Ave and 5th St).

We will be having a guest speaker, Bob Combs, join us for the evening. He keeps bees over in the North Bend area and tends to run chemical-free 8-frame hives with small cell or foundation-less frames. He is a wealth of information and will be presenting topics on “Apiary Management.” Now that many of you have made it through a season, its time to start thinking about how you might handle your apiaries as a whole, not just individual hives. Bob will address issues around requeening, splits, nuts, and so on. Ill try to keep business short so we can have more time with Bob to talk about the areas of particular interest.

Be sure to come to this meeting…you will learn a lot and start thinking about the next level of beekeeping!

Paid to start keeping bees?

Thanks to Daryn for bringing this article to my attention. Looks like folks in Virginia are being encouraged to take up beekeeping as a hobby by having access to grants that reimburse beekeeping expenses. That’s at least a few steps better than just being allowed to keep bees in your backyard!