Looking at a Frame Video

This video is a good show and tell for looking at a frame in a beehive.

YouTube description:

The wooden frames in a bee box contain wax combs with hexagonally shaped cells. The cells in a colony can contain honey, pollen, eggs, larvae or pupae. In this video we go through a colony, remove frames, and help figure out what you are seeing.

YouTube is an excellent resource for beekeeping information, although the quality of videos varies greatly from one creator to another. Which YouTube videos can you recommend to other beekeepers? Use the Comment link or form below to share your recommendations. We can feature the best ones on this website.

Swarm list

Im hearing that there are bees in orchards already, and we don’t have a formal list of folks interested in capturing swarms. Felix is our swarm coordinator and will be taking calls from the public and sending swarm capturing folks towards swarms that he is notified about. We will talk more about swarm capture, what is involved, etc. However, if you (a) have already captured a swarm before, and (b) are interested in being on Felix’s list, please send him your mobile phone number, location, availability, and area you would be willing to cover. We can start building a list now, and talk more about the details at our next meeting on the 27th.


Extra packages

I may have some extra 3# packages of bees coming on Saturday. Some people have expressed interest in getting more bees than they ordered way back when. If you are interested in taking some extra packages should there be any available, please:

  • Let me know you are interested or could take more bees if there are some
  • Make sure you have a place to put them
  • Bring some money (cash or check) on Sunday to pay for additional bees should you get some.


Last Call: Small Items from Mann Lake

As some of you know, I’m in Woodland, CA these days on a frost contract. I’ll be heading back to Wenatchee in about a week.

Mann Lake has a huge showroom here. I wrote about it here.

A lot of us use Mann Lake to buy our beekeeping supplies. They sell good-quality stuff and offer free shipping on orders over $100.

But what if you want to buy just one or two small items and can’t reach that $100 milestone for free shipping? If the item is available locally, great. But otherwise, you either wait until you have a big order or you do without.

So here’s what I’m offering: I’ll make one last trip to Mann Lake before I head out of town and will buy the small items members of the club request. Silly little things like queen catchers, wax foundation (which could melt in shipping), and smoker parts. Send me the catalog number and I’ll make a shopping list. Then, at the April 27 meeting, I’ll bring what I’ve bought and you can pay me for it.

Keep in mind that there’s no shipping, but there is California state sales tax.

You can comment on this post to tell me what you want. Be sure to include your name and email address in the comment.

Please — club members only.